one piece karoo plush
Karoo One Piece Plush 30-40cm Best Soft Amazing Gift Toy
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Karoo One Piece Plush 30-40cm Best Soft Amazing Gift Toy

26.50 $35.50 $

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Karoo One Piece Plush Toys Amazing Gift idea

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Recommend Age: 12+y,18+,14+y
  • Material: Fabric, PP cotton
  • Package: Plastic bag (Opp bag)
one piece karoo plush
One Piece Karoo plush

Do you know about Karoo One Piece?


  • Species: Karoo is a Super Spot-Billed Duck, a unique and fast species of duck native to the Arabasta Kingdom.
  • Role: Karoo is the loyal pet and mount of Nefertari Vivi, the princess of Arabasta and a former member of the Straw Hat Pirates during the Arabasta Arc.
  • Abilities: Karoo is known for his impressive speed and endurance, often used by Vivi for transportation across the desert. He is also a member of the Supersonic Duck Squad, a group of highly trained ducks used for reconnaissance and combat in Arabasta.
  • Personality: Karoo is loyal, brave, and often demonstrates intelligence and a strong bond with Vivi. He has been shown to go to great lengths to protect her and assist the Straw Hat Pirates during their adventures in Arabasta.

Key Moments:

  • Arabasta Arc: Karoo plays a significant role in the Arabasta Arc, aiding Vivi and the Straw Hat Pirates in their mission to stop the rebellion and thwart Crocodile’s plans.
  • Skypiea Arc: Karoo makes a brief appearance in a filler episode in the Skypiea Arc, demonstrating his continued loyalty to Vivi.

Karoo’s loyalty and courage, despite being a relatively small and non-combative animal, make him a memorable and endearing character in the One Piece series.

Karoo One Piece Plush
Karoo One Piece Plush

Feature about One Piece Karoo plush:

  • Soft and plush hug pillow, stuffed with cute dolls with stuffed animals.
  • Cute teddy bear soft plush toy, the best gift for One Piece lovers.
  • Material: super soft plush plush + PP cotton.
  • Perfect for car, sofa, bed, office, coffee shop, book store, hotel, club, party, etc.
  • Karoo One Piece Plush is super soft for baby to hug, sleep and soothe.
karoo one piece plush
karoo plush

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30cm, 40cm

3 reviews for Karoo One Piece Plush 30-40cm Best Soft Amazing Gift Toy

  1. Dennis T

    This shop is amazing! They got it here so quickly and the products were exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

  2. Thomas P

    Great gift to give a little one. My nephew loved his plushes! I appreciated the fast service offered!

  3. Alexander P

    The Karoo was just as pictured. My son loved them..

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