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Luffy's Flying Technique in Gear Fourth

Mastering Boundman: Luffy’s Flying Technique in Gear Fourth

Explanation of Gear Fourth and its benefits

Luffy's Flying Technique in Gear Fourth
Luffy’s Flying Technique in Gear Fourth

Gear Fourth is one of Luffy’s most powerful armor sets. The costume significantly increases his attack and defense capabilities, including the ability to fly, master haki, and create tremendous explosions to defeat his enemies. This makes Luffy incredibly frightening and one of the strongest characters in the One Piece anime world.

How does luffy fly in gear4

Mastering Boundman: Luffy's Flying Technique in Gear Fourth

Luffy’s flying technique in Gear Fourth is called “Boundman.” In this form, Luffy inflates and becomes gigantic, increasing the size of his body to an astonishing degree. However, with such incredible power, Luffy cannot fly directly as usual. Therefore, he must find a way to fly through the air with a new method.

To fly in Boundman, Luffy uses his haki to compress air into his muscles and bones, creating a powerful thrust. He then quickly releases this force, allowing him to fly up into the air at a high speed.

However, Luffy’s flying in Boundman is not a typical way of flying. He can quickly change the direction of his flight using jumps and thrusts, allowing him to easily pass through the air. This allows Luffy to move quickly and evade the opponent’s attacks with ease.

In addition, Luffy’s ability to fly in Boundman also helps him attack his opponent effectively. By flying through the air, Luffy can attack from above, allowing him to quickly and dangerously attack his opponent.

In conclusion, Luffy’s ability to fly in Gear Fourth is an essential part of his combat skills.

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