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What does Blackbeard's flag meaning

What does Blackbeard’s flag meaning?

The Enigmatic Meaning Behind Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger Flag

Discover the mysteries hidden within the Blackbeard’s flag meaning, a seemingly simple yet profoundly meaningful flag that eludes many One Piece fans’ understanding.

Marshall D. Teach, known as Blackbeard, serves as the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates in the One Piece world. Similar to Luffy, he has the ambition to become the Pirate King; He is also the Emperor of the Sea and a former Warlord of the Sea.

What does Blackbeard's flag meaning

What does Blackbeard’s flag mean?

The Blackbeard Jolly Roger remains an enigma to this day. It features a plain black flag adorned with three menacing skull heads: one facing left, one forward, and another looking right. The background showcases intercrossing bones.

A theory suggests that the symbol of the Blackbeard Pirates reflects Teach’s hidden strength or his connection to his Devil Fruits. However, there has been no official confirmation from Oda to validate this speculation.

#1. Three Skull Heads Symbolizing Blackbeard’s Multiple Personalities

On one occasion, Luffy referred to Blackbeard as “them” instead of “him,” hinting at the possibility of multiple personalities within his portly figure.

Moreover, in some instances, Blackbeard is depicted as missing one or two teeth (depending on the drawing) or or having all teeth. This could be merely an artistic error by the author Oda, but it might also be a hint that the “3 Blackbeards” really exist. This is the first guess.

What does Blackbeard's flag meaning

#2. Three Skull Heads Representing Blackbeard’s Three Main Victims

One skull head may symbolize Thatch, the first major victim of Blackbeard, whose Yami Yami no Mi was stolen by him. The second one may represent Whitebeard, whom Blackbeard killed and seizing his Gura Gura no Mi Devil Fruit. The third could signify an unknown victim whose Devil Fruit may be stolen by Blackbeard in the future.

This hypothesis is entirely plausible as Blackbeard has defied all natural laws by possessing two Devil Fruits. One explanation posits that he divided his soul into two. With a third Devil Fruit in the future, Blackbeard would complete the representation of his Jolly Roger with three skulls.

#3. The Blackbeard’s flag meaning is closely related to the Devil Fruits.

Each skull head corresponds to a Devil Fruit that Blackbeard currently possesses or will possess in the future. Although this appears rather speculative, weaving these details into other plot elements may unveil a captivating narrative.

There’s also a theory that Blackbeard consumed a hypothetical Cerberus Devil Fruit, but no concrete evidence supports this speculation.

Embark on a journey of discovery, and let the enigmatic Blackbeard Jolly Roger guide you through the secrets of the One Piece world, as you navigate the twists and turns of this captivating tale.


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